​FootGolf is a fun but competitive mix of football and golf. It's easy to play but a challenge to master.

The tee-off

Tee-ing off is a matter of making a big impact and getting some distance down the green. For most holes this will be as simple as hitting for distance, but some holes you'll need to watch out for both obvious and hidden obstacles!

Playing down the green

After you've made your way from the tee, you'll need to aim to get as close as possible to the hole. Pay attention to the direction of the wind and the way the course is sloping, as it will affect the way the ball rolls.

Watch out for obstacles

Our course is dotted with obstacles. From the lay of the land and tricky hills and dips to contend with, to sand bunkers and trees to avoid, your best option is to steer clear of these. Some players may expertly use obstacles to their advantage, but it's a risky move!

The putt

This is it. You've got the ball close to the final hole. Can you hold it together, aim your passing putt well and seal the round? Take your time and judge the pace well. Some holes are deceptively fast and you may regret that extra bit of power.

Post-match analysis

After the game, win or lose, you'll need the post-game analysis. What better place than in our Pavilion Bar? Enjoy a drink and a bite to eat while you discuss your tactical genius, or where it all went so wrong!